Golden Melody Awards 2017

President Atsushi Ota (太田淳) appeared on the conference of Golden Melody Awards (GMA, 金曲奨) in Taiwan on June 22, 2017, which is well known and considered the equivalent to the Grammy Awards in Chinese-speaking world.

Under the theme of “Crossover in the Music Industry”, the moderator, Ms. Shang Tai-Yu (商台玉), Chairman of Association of Digital Culture, Taiwan, held the discussion. Guests involved Mr. Sam Duann (段鍾潭), President of Rock Group International and Mr. Vincent Fang (方文山), who is known for writing lyrics for famous artists like Jay Chou (周杰倫), Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), and JJ Lin (林俊傑), and was awarded at GMA for two times. They had a discussion around the way of media mix in the field of music.

President Atsushi Ota had introduced the feature of Japanese media mix– the collaboration of anime and music, and how to succeed in the Japanese music market, which was considered to be interesting content for Chinese-speaking world.

“Crossover in the Music Industry” – Golden Melody Festival 2017 Conference

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